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Want to swim faster in the ocean or in the pool?

The swimming web with a hydrodynamic design gives you webbed fingers for extra speed, build extra strength and power in your swimming training and most of all, it allows you to swim faster!



Animals that live in water use their webbed feet to swim swiftly.



Wearing them is simply a lot of fun, you will feel and look like Aquaman or a mermaid.

Perfect for scuba-diving, snorkelling, surfing, training, and regular swimming.

They are made from high-quality silicone with extra elasticity and a special hydrodynamic shape that increases your swimming performance by creating water pockets between your fingers.


Use Swimming Web for:

-        Competitive swimming

-        Boogie Boarding

-        Surfing

-        Body Surfing

-        Scuba Diving

-        Snorkelling

-        Water polo

-        Open water swimming

-        Water aerobics

-        Water rehabilitation and therapy

Swimming Web

    • Small (Children): length: 15cm, width: 4cm, external diameter: 21cm
    • Medium (Teens): length: 17cm, width: 5.5cm, external diameter: 24cm
    • Large (Adults): length: 19cm, width: 6.5cm, external diameter: 28cm
  • Why use Swimming Web?

    • Extra speed (Hydro traction)
    • Training with increase resistance and improving technique
    • Hydrogrip providing full flexibility and extra grip on slippery surfaces​​​​​​​
    • Easy to use!
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