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There are many gadgets on the market today offering to do all sorts of things. The Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist caught my attention because of its simplicity and its remarkable ability to rapidly and accurately identify the source of a large variety of ailments and illnesses. A deep medical knowledge is not required to use this device, there are easy to follow diagrams and instructions, and use of the device gives a greater understanding and awareness of one's own body, and such knowledge, nowadays, is almost a necessity. 

Treatment using the device is equally simple, with easy to follow protocols and suggestions provided.

In my short time using the device I was impressed by the accuracy of its diagnostic abilities, the rapid ease of several acute illnesses and its ease of use.

The usual rules apply, of course, if in doubt, consult a specialist. And it's always useful to know what you are consulting them for!

~ Dr. David Mc Dermott
(Irish medical doctor and plastic surgeon)

How to Use Aculife

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