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Digitalk HandyScan Slide and Negative Film Scanner put all your favourite Slides and Negative Films into digital form to store and use on a computer.


Fast, efficient and simple use, the Digitalk Handyscan Slide and Negative Film Scanner scans and digitise high resolution files with a click of a button.


With a large crystal clear 4.3' inch colour LCD Display, you can view and edit scanned images directly from the scanner or save them directly a SD Card. Images can easily be transferred to the computer via the included USB Cable.


Product Features:

  • Slide & Film Digital Converter (stand alone, no PC or software required)
  • Scans Super 8/110/126kpk/135 positive negatives & Slide & B/W film
  • 14 mega pixels image sensor
  • Built In 4.3 inch LCD display
  • Internal memory: About 90 frames slide show
  • File Format: JPEG
  • Fixed focus mode
  • Automatic/Manual Exposure Control
  • Automatic Colour Balance
  • Scan quality 4200dpi
  • 22 Megapixels (5748*3832) Resolution (Interpolation)
  • Data Conversion: 12bits per color channel
  • Single Pass Scan Method
  • Backlight (3 white LED)
  • USD 2.0 Interface
  • Dimension: 122mm*102mm*142mm
  • Language: English, French, German, Italy, Spain, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese
  • Powered from AC Adapter (5V) via USB cable
  • USB2.0 5PIN, Black PC Connect
  • HDMI Output support to HDMI(640*480)
  • External Storage: 2 IN 1 card Slot (SD/MMC)
  • Internal Storage: Nand Flash 128MB
  • Compatible with PC and Mac


Digitalk HandyScan Slide & Negative Film Scanner

Expected Mid March
    • Digitalk HandyScan Slide and Negative Film Scanner
    • AC Adapter
    • User manual
    • Negative film holder
    • Slide film holder
    • cleaning brush
    • USB Cable
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