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This professional non-contact infrared thermometer provide fast, easy and accurate temperature readings. With the non-contact (infrared) technology, you can measure surface temperature of all kinds of objects from food and drinks, electrical appliances, body temperature and much more. Perfect tool for handyman, hospitality industry, mechanics and technicians.



Measure the surface temperature of anything with this handy infrared laser thermometer. So quick and easy to use, simply aim and point the laser at your desired target, press the trigger and the reading will display.

With the ability to measure the temperature with no contact, you can quickly assess the surface temperature of items that are out of reach without the hassle of climbing up or disassembling the area. Equipped with a handy laser, aiming for the precise area on this infrared thermometer couldn't be easier.

Lightweight and compact, this infrared laser thermometer checking for hotspots on the go will be as simple as aim, click and go.



  • Distance to spot size ratio is 13 to 1 at the focal point.
  • Unique flat surface, mini modern housing design.
  • Class II laser to identify the centre point of the area being measured.
  • Maximum / Minimum Temperature Readings
  • Impact-resistant ABS case.
  • Auto data hold when trigger released.
  • Auto power off.
  • Backlighting illuminates display for taking measurement at night or in areas with low background light levels.
  • Emissivity: adjustable at 0.10~1.0
  • Suitable for: Hot water pipes; Hot engine parts; Cooking surfaces; Hot tubes & insulation; Electrical connection; Ballasts in electric lights; Electric motors & bearings; Wine coolers & hot asphalt; Fuse panels & transformers; Swimming pools & fish tanks; Hot & cold food products; transformers, motors, pumps, panels, breakers, compressors, duct, steam lines, valves, and vents, Heating & air conditioning.

Professional Infrared Laser Thermometer

    • Range: -50°C~380°C, -50°C~ 580°C, -50°C~850°C
    • Emissivity: Adjustable 0.1~1.0
    • Optical: D:S=13.1
    • Response Time: ≤500ms
    • Resolution: 0.1°C
    • Spectral: 8~14um
    • Polarity Display: Auto Display, "-" indicates negative while positive with #
    • Diode Laser: Output<1mW, 630~670nm. class 2(II)
    • Auto Power Off: Auto shuts off after 20 seconds inactivity
    • Operating: 0°C to 50°C
    • Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
    • Power Supply: 9V Battery (included)
    • Dimensions: 155.5*98.8*27.5mm
    • Weight: 176g
    • Infrared Thermometer
    • 9V Battery
    • User Manual
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