Charge your 0.5W, 3W or 5W Digitech Transceiver when on the go and away from mains power. Simply plugs into an available 12V or 24V cigarette lighter socket


  1. PMR-8228/CC suitable for: DC1099, PMR-8228/U, PMR-8228/V, PMR-2, PMR-21
  2. PMR-8338/CC suitable for: DC1073, PMR-81/U, PMR-81/V
  3. PMR-2302/CC suitable for: DC1035, PMR-2302AA
  4. PMR-508/CC suitable for: DC1036, PMR-808, PMR-8081

Digitalk Car Charger for Handheld CB Radios

SKU: PMR-8228/CC
    • Output Voltage: 10V
    • Output Current: 500mA
    • Current Draw: 500A
    • Required Voltage: 12V
    • Vehicle Connection: Cigarette Lighter
    • Cable Length: 1.2m