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The Digitalk LED FlexiTorch is a Telescopic Flashlight with 210 degrees extendable neck angle and a powerful magnetic pick up power of 2.3kg. It also comes with a heavy duty magnetic base with 9kg adhesion power

Digitalk FlexiTorch

SKU: EI-FT1889
    • 3 Super Bright White LED Light
    • Flexible Neck 210 degrees angle
    • Mangetic pick up power 2.3kg
    • Telescoping length 17-55mm
    • "V" Groove for anti turn and extra strength
    • Coloured Aluminium Body
    • Push On/Off Button
    • Heavy Duty Magnetic Base with 9kg Adhesion Power
    • 4 Batteries included (LR44)
    • Telescopic Flashlight
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