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This Digitalk Digitech Air Tube Headset with Throat mount blocks out virtually all background noise by picking up vocal vibrations coming through the skin directly from the larynx. And with the air tube headset suitable for people who use Digitalk Digitech CB radios for extended periods of time because the air tube is much lighter and more comfortable than standard earpiece headsets. 

Compatible with handheld Digitalk Digitech UHF CB radios which feature a 3.5mm combination microphone and earpiece plug including many from the range of Digitalk and Digitech handheld CB radios.


Suitable for the following Digitalk and Digitech transceivers:

  • PMR-SP8081
  • PMR-2
  • PMR-21
  • PMR-SP2302AA
  • PMR-8228/U
  • PMR-8228/V
  • PMR-81U
  • PMR-81V
  • DC1027
  • DC1049
  • DC1065
  • DC1068
  • DC1096

Digitalk Digitech Air Tube Headset with Thoat Microphone for Handheld CB Radios

$49.95 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
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