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The Telescopic Flashlight and easy to snap on Inspection Mirror allows you to access and peer into tight spaces. Perfect for mechanics, plumbers and handymans to see the most confined spaces. The Telescopic Flashlight has a 210 degrees extendable neck angle and a powerful magnetic pick up power of 2.3kg. 

Digitalk 3 in 1 Inspection Mirror Set

SKU: EI-FT1882
  • Telescopic Flashlight

    • Flexible Neck 210 degrees angle
    • Mangetic pick up power 2.3kg
    • Telescoping length 17-55mm
    • "V" Groove for anti turn and extra strength

    Inspection Mirror

    • Swivels/Rotates 360 degrees
    • Easy snap on with no bolts or nuts needed
    • Diameter of 55mm


    • Made with durable material for professional use
    • Protects the inspection mirror
    • Holds telescopic flashlight
    • Complete with belt attachment
    • Telescopic Flashlight
    • Inspection Mirror
    • Carry Pouch
    • 4 Batteries included (LR44)
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